Creating a Meeting Instructions

These are instructions for reception to either create or edit a meeting(class) in an instructors group. Scenario where this may be required is problems with class thats already been created, such as an invalid code, or if there has been human error.

The lead person(s) assigned to creating and managing the zoom class setups can also use this guide.

Below are the settings for setup. I’m assuming the colleague is logged in with and starting at the dashboard.

  1. Open the Kippie menu on the left hand side
  1. Click on Groups
  1. Go to the group that the Live Zoom Class is in (i.e. Studio1, Studio2, Studio3, Gym Studio, Physio Pilates etc)
  1. Go to the ZOOM tab
  1. Click on the “Create New” link
  1. Fill in the Settings on the right hand side using the table below (if you are on mobile it wont be on the left you just need to scroll down)

Below are the Setup settings

Meeting TitleClass with Instructor- Replace with class i.e - HIIT with Gemma
- Note the format = “with”
DescriptionLeave Blank
PasscodeKLife- Add/change password to KLife
WhenDate + Time- Required Date
- Required Time
- Make sure you state AM or PM
DurationTime Duration + 15mins- Set the Duration to that of the class + 15minutes
Recurring Meetings- Recurrence: Weekly
- Repeat Every: 1 Day
- End Date: After = 20 Occurrences
- This is specifically for some one creating a new class on the schedule
- Do Not fill this in if its an emergency class creation
Video- Host: off
- Participants: off
- These should both be off when entering zoom
- Grey and set to the left means it’s off
Meeting Options- Require Registration: No
- Enable join before host: Yes
- Mute participants upon entry: Yes
- Enable waiting room: No
- Only authenticated users can join: No
- Record the meeting automatically: Yes
- These should be the exact settings for classes unless a specialised setting is required.
- Please do not enable “Waiting Room”. This is for a technical reason
HostDefault for the group (i.e Studio 1)- This is default for the studio you are currently in
- When editing it displays as “Kippie Lodge”. This is normal and nothing to worry about.
- It should NOT display “Kippie Lodge” in initial creation of the class. If it does not display the studio you are in when creating the class let Colin or a manager know.
Alternative This should be the alternative host
- You will mot likely have to change it to this
- It cannot be any other email
  1. Press “Create Meeting


see “Posting a Zoom URL & Codes” for how to post codes to an instructors group feed.

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Aches & Pains Aqua

A fun session sprinkled with movement science. Exercising in a pool provides relief with pain and stiffness in the joints.

It is a great class if you are recovering from surgery or got arthritis.

You will be working at your own ability but quickly will see progression as the weeks progress.

The class takes place each week on Thursdays at 13.50 (1.50pm).

Go on, head to the pool and give it a try!

Aqua - Aches & Pains13.50-14.35Pool

Main Menu

V = Vegetarian
GF = Gluten Free
VEG = Vegan

Sandwiches & Baked Potatoes


LutFIYA Saitbayeva

Latfiya has been covering fitness classes throughout Aberdeen since 2015 and we are delighted that she is taking four classes here at Kippie.

"I am super excited to be joining the Kippie team. My love for fitness has made me expand my training skills to include the latest techniques including Pilates and Power Pilates with which I am certified to work with. My workouts are all about precise and controlled movements while maintaining proper alignment. If you have never attended a strength or kettlebell class please do not feel you cant take part."

"Despite on the skill or difficulty level of any class I teach it will be suitable for every level as there are modifications always available,  just like every instructor I work with the client’s needs, to encourage them and always include.I provide options whether you are a pure beginner or advanced."


If you would like to discuss any of Latfiya’s classes before taking part please do not hesitate to contact her via Reception.

Aqua - Aches & Pains13.50-14.35Pool

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