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Hey Instructors,

To get to your zoom class

  • Go to dashboard
  • Scroll to the timetable
  • Press on the row with your class (not the “book” button)

Alternatively, you can come to this page and hit the “Timetable” button directly below this. Then press on the row with your class.

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Instructions to hosting a class/meeting on zoom

Before doing anything make sure you are signed in with you Kippie Zoom Assigned account on the zoom app. Then:

  1. Log in to using your Kippie zoom assignment account and password (click here for details or see below)
  2. If you are not already on your dashboard, go to dashboard
  3. Scroll down to the timetable. (See Image Below)

4. Click on your class. You will be taken to zoom
*You will need to be logged in with your Kippie zoom assignment account, at and in the Zoom app, to be the host

Kippie Zoom Assignment Accounts

Here are the Login details:


Recording only account


Additional Notes

  • Theres a video on the dashboard for members. This is exactly the method you use to get in. The only difference is you signing in with your Kippie Zoom Assignment Account
  • Currently there is no waiting room so try getting in at least 5 minutes before you are meant to start to let people in. Keep checking on this incase I update the information last minute before we have a chance to get an email out.

Any problems contact or Lorna

Online Studio Assignment Timetable

RPM™06.20-07.05MichelleStudio 1 + Zoom 1
Aqua Zumba08.50-09.35SiobhanPool
Pilates09.15-10.15MarieStudio 2 + Zoom 2
Body Attack™09.30-10.15MichelleStudio 1 + Zoom 1
Hatha Yoga10.30-11.30Amanda JStudio 2
Body Pump™10.45-11.30Sarah GStudio 1 + Zoom 1
Cardio Tennis11.00-12.00AlanTennis Court 1 & 2
Gym Circuit12.30-13.30AliGym
Rugbytots 2-3y12.00-12.30KevinLawn
Rugbytots 2-3y12.40-13.10KevinLawn
Rugbytots 4-5y13.20-14.05KevinLawn
Rugbytots 4-5y14.15-15.00KevinLawn
Kids Yoga Bugs16.30-17.00KerryStudio 2
Youth Gym16.30-17.30DanielGym
Youth Yoga17.15-18.00KerryStudio 2
Abs18.00-18.30DanielStudio 1 + Zoom 1
Bootcamp18.00-18.45MichelleTennis Court 3
Aqua Zumba08.50-09.35SiobhanPool
Yoga - Yin18.15-19.15ElaineStudio 2
Body Step™18.45-19.30DuncanStudio 1
Cardio Tennis19.00-20.00GabeTennis Court 1 & 2
BodyBalance™19.45-20.30Amanda KStudio 1
Youth Gym10.30-11.30DanielGym
HIIT Strength06.15-06.45MichelleTennis Court 1
Body Pump06.30-07.15GemmaStudio 1
Step & Conditioning09.30-10.15WendyStudio 1
HIIT Strength10.40-11.10LutifyaStudio 1 + Zoom 1
Pilates11.15-12.00MarieStudio 2 + Zoom 2
<a href=" 1 + Zoom 1
Hatha Yoga12.15-13.15LeashaStudio 2 + Zoom 2
Pilates17.15-18.15StephStudio 2 + Zoom 2
Body Attack™18.00-18.45DuncanStudio 1
Vinyassa Yoga18.30-19.30Amanda JStudio 2
Body Pump19.00-19.45Duncan1 Studio
Kids Gymnastics 3-4 Years13.00-13.30SaliStudio 1
Kids Gymnastics 5-6 Years13.40-14.25SaliStudio 1
Kids Gymnastics 7-8 Years14.35-15.20SaliStudio 1
RPM™06.20-07.05ScottStudio 1
Aqua Deep08.45-09.15KayPool
Aqua Deep09.15-09.45KayPool
Body Combat™09.30-10.15Sarah GStudio 1
Cardio Tennis10.00-11.00AlanTennis Court 1 & 2
Pilates10.00-11.00PamelaZoom 3
Body Pump™10.30-11.15Sarah GStudio 1
Gym Circuits12.30-13.30DanielGym
Yoga13.00-14.00ElaineStudio 2 + Zoom 2
Youth Gym16.30-17.30DanielGym
Kettlebells17.20-18.05LutifyaStudio 1
Les Mills Core17.40-18.10MichelleStudio 2 + Zoom 2
Pilates18.15-19.15MichelleStudio 2
RPM™18.25-19.10ClaireStudio 1
Body Step Express19.25-19.55DuncanStudio 1
Body Pump Express™20.05-20.35DuncanStudio 1
HIIT06.30-07.00GemmaStudio 1 + Zoom 1
Vinyassa Yoga09.15-10.15Amanda JStudio 2
NIA™09.30-10.15LouiseStudio 1
Aqua Circuit- shallow09.50-10.35EvePool
Cardio Tennis10.00-11.00AlanTennis Court 1 & 2
Bootcamp10.05-10.50MichelleTennis Court 3
Total Body Workout10.30-11.15WendyStudio 1
Interval Training For Seniors11.30-12.15LouisaStudio 1
Body Balance11.30-12.15MichelleStudio 2
Pilates In Motion12.00-12.45PamelaZoom 3
Aqua - Aches & Pains13.50-14.35Wendy GPool
Spin17.45-18.30MichelleStudio 1
Cardio Tennis18.00-19.00AlanTennis Court 1 & 2
Iyengar Yoga18.35-19.35FionaZoom 2
Strength and HIIT Core18.45-19.30MichelleStudio 1 + Zoom
Kids Hip Hop (4-6 Years)14.00-14.30SaraStudio 1
Kids Hip Hop / Cheer (7-10 Years)14.45-15.30SaraStudio 1
Bodycombat19.45-20.45ScottStudio 1
Aqua Circuit19.50-20.35AngelaPool
Fatburn Extreme06.30-7.00MichelleStudio 1 + Zoom 1
RPM™08.30-09.15Lorraine BStudio 1
Body Balance™09.30-10.15Sarah MStudio 2 + Zoom 2
Body Conditioning09.30-10.15WendyStudio 1 + Zoom 1
NIA™10.35-11.35LouiseStudio 1 + Zoom 1
Pilates10.35-11.35MarieStudio 2 + Zoom 2
Bootcamp11.00-12.00LutifyaTennis Court 3
Gym Circuits12.30-13.30AliGym
Hatha Yoga13.15-14.45KarinaZoom 3
Kids Gymnastics 3-4 Yrs15.00-15.30SaliStudio 1
Kids Gymnastics 5-6 Yrs15.40-16.25SaliStudio 1
Youth Gym16.30-17.30DanielGym
Kids Gymnastics 7-8 Yrs16.35-17.20SaliStudio 1
RPM17.45-18.30ScottStudio 1
Kids Karate18.40-19.40DavidStudio 1
Youth Gym10.30-11.30DanielGym
Youth Football12.30-13.30MitchellStudio 1
RPM08.00-08.45MichelleStudio 1
Body Pump Express™09.00-09.30MichelleStudio 1
Interval Training for Seniors (ITS)09.15-10.15LouisaZoom 2
Les Mills Core09.45-10.15MichelleStudio 1 + Zoom 1
Yoga10.00-11.30KarinaZoom 3
Hip Hop (4-6Yrs)10.15-10.45SaraStudio 2
Hip Hop (7-10Years)10.50-11.35SaraStudio 2
Body Attack™10.30-11.15ScottStudio 1 + Zoom 1
Cheerleading (7-10Yrs)10.50-11.35SaraStudio 2
Beginners Karate16.00-17.00DavidStudio 1
RPM08.00-08.45MichelleStudio 1
Body Pump Express™09.10-09.40MichelleStudio 1
Les Mills Core09.50-10.20MichelleStudio 1 + Zoom 1
RPM08.00-08.45ScottStudio 1
Mindfulness Yoga09.00-09.45LouisaStudio 2 + Zoom 2
Body Combat™09.00-10.45NelsonStudio 1 + Zoom 1
Body Pump™10.00-10.45NelsonStudio 1
Youth Gym13.00-14.00DanielGym
Youth Gym14.00-15.00DanielGym
Vinyasa Yoga19.00-20.00VickiStudio 2 + Zoom 2


Aches & Pains Aqua

A fun session sprinkled with movement science. Exercising in a pool provides relief with pain and stiffness in the joints.

It is a great class if you are recovering from surgery or got arthritis.

You will be working at your own ability but quickly will see progression as the weeks progress.

The class takes place each week on Thursdays at 13.50 (1.50pm).

Go on, head to the pool and give it a try!

Aqua - Aches & Pains13.50-14.35Pool

Main Menu

V = Vegetarian
GF = Gluten Free
VEG = Vegan

Sandwiches & Baked Potatoes


LutFIYA Saitbayeva

Latfiya has been covering fitness classes throughout Aberdeen since 2015 and we are delighted that she is taking four classes here at Kippie.

"I am super excited to be joining the Kippie team. My love for fitness has made me expand my training skills to include the latest techniques including Pilates and Power Pilates with which I am certified to work with. My workouts are all about precise and controlled movements while maintaining proper alignment. If you have never attended a strength or kettlebell class please do not feel you cant take part."

"Despite on the skill or difficulty level of any class I teach it will be suitable for every level as there are modifications always available,  just like every instructor I work with the client’s needs, to encourage them and always include.I provide options whether you are a pure beginner or advanced."


If you would like to discuss any of Latfiya’s classes before taking part please do not hesitate to contact her via Reception.

Aqua - Aches & Pains13.50-14.35Pool

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