Louisa Coutts Class Disclaimer

By choosing to participate in the Interval Training , Yoga or other online wellbeing, sport and physical activity session by Louisa Coutts: the participant accepts that they undertake and engage in the session without supervision, at their own risk. 

Participants are encouraged to exercise common sense and always seek the guidance of a medical professional before undertaking any form of online sport and physical activity. Participants with pre-existing medical conditions, injuries or disabilities that may affect their ability to participate in the online sport and physical activity session, should seek medical advice and obtain written confirmation for their suitability to take part, before participating. 

Where sessions are live or only accessible by participants at the discretion of the instructor it is the responsibility of the participant to make the instructor aware of any conditions, injuries or disabilities prior to participating in the online sport and physical activity session.

Please ensure your PARQ health questionnaires remain up to date.

Class descriptions are available within all classes.

If you are using supports or equipment for any classes you have referred to the instructions provided online and verbally, and taken the opportunity to ask questions via Kippie Lodge reception or directly with the instructor.

Ensure your environment is secure with enough space to move forward and back and safe from slipping. You screen is positioned correctly to keep head and neck in a neutral position.

Do not exercise within 2 hours of a heavy meal and take hydration during class.

Always work within your own limits, listen to your body and come out of the activity if it causes discomfort, strain or pain. 

These are mild to moderate intensity classes so work within your own limits, not going beyond point of exhaustion. It is normal to develop a light sweat and become slightly short of breath but you should not become too short of breath to speak. Follow the instructors guidance on how to lower the intensity level. Always STOP if you feel unwell and seek advice.

Enjoy the class.


Aches & Pains Aqua

A fun session sprinkled with movement science. Exercising in a pool provides relief with pain and stiffness in the joints.

It is a great class if you are recovering from surgery or got arthritis.

You will be working at your own ability but quickly will see progression as the weeks progress.

The class takes place each week on Thursdays at 13.50 (1.50pm).

Go on, head to the pool and give it a try!

Aqua - Aches & Pains13.50-14.35Pool

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LutFIYA Saitbayeva

Latfiya has been covering fitness classes throughout Aberdeen since 2015 and we are delighted that she is taking four classes here at Kippie.

"I am super excited to be joining the Kippie team. My love for fitness has made me expand my training skills to include the latest techniques including Pilates and Power Pilates with which I am certified to work with. My workouts are all about precise and controlled movements while maintaining proper alignment. If you have never attended a strength or kettlebell class please do not feel you cant take part."

"Despite on the skill or difficulty level of any class I teach it will be suitable for every level as there are modifications always available,  just like every instructor I work with the client’s needs, to encourage them and always include.I provide options whether you are a pure beginner or advanced."


If you would like to discuss any of Latfiya’s classes before taking part please do not hesitate to contact her via Reception.

Aqua - Aches & Pains13.50-14.35Pool

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